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Serendib Youth Canada

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Serendib Youth Canada (SYC) is an independent, non-profit organization focused on Canadian Sri Lankan youth, working to motivate and empower them to become future leaders. We aim to provide youth opportunities to serve the community and grow as strong leaders through our core values of leadership development, education, and Islamic faith. As is emphasized by our mission statement, ‘Leadership Through Service’, we strive to engage our youth in community activities that build bridges across social, cultural, and religious differences.

Founded in 2014, SYC has been hosting an array of events and campaigns to foster meaningful connections. With a strong focus on giving back, the community service projects from the team include our annual Feed the Homeless campaign, Ramadan Well fundraiser, and Strong Roots Tree Planting event. To increase networking amongst our youth, our fellowship events include Career Panel Discussions, Kothu Nights, and Fellowship Day. In efforts to keep our youth engaged, we host adventure activities including our annual Adventure Camp, Summer Barbecues, and March Break Madness events. SYC continues to grow with our community, diversifying our events to extend our outreach.

Serendib Youth Canada (SYC) is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources to young people, enabling them to reach their full potential and become future leaders.

 Serendib Youth Canada

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